What is Advising?

Helping internal teams make better decisions.

What is advising and why do I need it?

Advising is all about augmenting and empowering your team to do their best work and giving them insights into the right ways to grow. 

When should I hire an advisor?

You should consider hiring an advisor in any of the following scenarios:


  • Too early to hire specialized experts
  • Too expensive to hire specialized experts
  • You are investing in in-house talent and need to train that talent
  • You have goals but don't know how to accomplish them

When should I hire Dan as an advisor?

I specialize in website optimization and conversion for B2B SaaS, Ecommerce, and FinTech which means I'm best suited to help you if you want to turn your website into a product that converts and sells while you sleep.

Who will most benefit from Dan's advising?

You'll likely be a good fit for my advising if you meet a few of these criteria: 


  • You are an SMB (bootstrapped) or a startup (pre-seed to series B)
  • You have 10-500 employees
  • Your website is a primary channel for acquisition and sales (or you want it to be)
  • Your website is getting at least 2,500 visitors each month
  • You are familiar with Product-Led Growth and want to learn more about it or leverage it
  • You are ramping up acquisition efforts in Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing or Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Your industry is Software as a Service (SaaS), Ecommerce, or Financial Technology
  • You are interested in leveraging learnings gained from experimentation and user research to improve your website or increase your conversion rate


You don't need to fit any or all of these for me to be able to provide value to you, but meeting some of these criteria will improve the experience and the efficacy. 

How much does advising cost?

Advising starts at $600 for 4 hours and scales depending on project, involvement and expertise required. 

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